Green Architecture

or buildings concerned about the environment ....
The broader sense means the way of thinking that minimize the negative effects resulting in a planning, process development and management of a residential and work to improve efficiency.
What are the considerations for a green architecture?
Energy efficiency, the efficient regulation of a dwelling against the demand for electricity, gas or water it needs. This is directly proportional to its size ... it means the greater the occupancy ... the more energy is needed, the spatial layout has a large share of ...... architect is expected to capture the most basic needs of residents and presenting it in a planned design, so no space is wasted space and abandoned ......
Creating their own energy not yet popular enough in Indonesia, the majority still rely on the state electricity company (PLN). In the long run ... need a breakthrough residential planning to create their own electricity for the home ...... energy sources can be obtained from geographic place to live. The wind, sun and water, are some examples of energy sources that can be further processed ......
Prioritize the use of local materials, natural materials and materials to plan the rest of residential development, in addition to efficiency issues also help reduce environmental waste.
Local and natural materials that can be used al bamboo, brick, limestone, stone, sand beaches, etc. ..... that can be included in residential planning.
Wood can also be included with consideration of the kinds of wood fast growing trees, so as not to damage the ecosystem.
Setting air circulation, light and utility with effort utilizing natural conditions as possible for the comfort of residential ....... al:
...... Natural lighting refers to the direction of the wind, so that maximum illumination. To obtain a comfortable temperature in the room, the placement of the canopy, curtain or other barrier types noteworthy that the use of modern equipment such as air conditioning, etc. who suck a lot of energy can be minimized or avoided.
To obtain a flow of air circulation ..... need to take a lesson from tempoe doeloe building techniques, which managed to regulate the flow of air and good lighting and a strong structure and durable .... until now.
Factor that is easy to see al that high .... plafond and window size, the slope is relatively steep roof and a wall thickness of the building .... all aimed at the residential comfort.
Efficiency and protection of ground water began to be taken into account since the planning KDB / Coefficient Base Building required ..... so still have open space for the placement of absorption wells, pit or septic tank biopri friendly environment that does not pollute the environment.
Rain water reservoir and dirty water in a residential ..... concentrated in catchment wells, to preserve the ground water environment. Catchment wells and holes biopri principle have the same goal, which is easier to absorb water into the ground. The difference lies in how the system works.
Creation of technology also participated in the green architecture al;
Clever ..... flush toilets that emit less water from the toilet in general, because the speed of faster water, water treatment llimbah / dirt alone so as not to burden the environment waterways, pipeline using fewer and thus more economical ... .
Biological filter cesspools, septic tanks are made from the production of fiber glass factory which was equipped with biological filters, and specifically designed to not pollute the environment, so it is more efficient, practical and durable.
Necessary precautions in the choice of modern materials in a shelter .... because the content of materials which can not pass the feasibility test ... can cause adverse effects to health, one of which is the VOC or volatile organic compounds, which are often used in carpet pads, finishing materials or furniture upholstery, and paint the walls.
Application of urban design scale al; seeks to combine the placement of commercial space, housing and offices to have access for pedestrians, bicycles or any user of public transport, which ultimately can reduce air pollution generated.
Reforestation is not only applied to public spaces, but also on the occupancy itself, which aims to optimize the absorption of water and give added value to the surrounding environment.
The story was only a small part of the green architecture as a whole ..... still a variety of ways and appropriate materials was crowned .... come on ... .... there are architects who want to continue?


greening movement by the state finance minister Indonesia

Sunday (2 / 11), the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Sri Mulyani Indrawati to visit State College of Accountancy (STAN) in the framework of the Tree Planting Movement held at the State College of Accountancy.

Tree Planting Movement held on campus this Wardhana is one government program initiated to reduce the trend of Global Warming (Global Warming) program that is a million tree planting movement, which has been gradually implemented by the Ministry of Finance that begins by planting trees around the complex of the Ministry of Finance , Jl. Dr. Wahidin, and tree planting undertaken by the Treasury of Dharma Wanita, and then tree planting movements in the State College of Accountancy, as expressed by Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said in greeting the opening ceremony titled '08 STAN ini.Susunan Goes Green This event is Opening, Greeting from the Chairman of the Committee, Speech by the Minister of Finance, up Prayer, followed by Symbolic Tree Planting, and Closing. Besides the Minister of Finance, the event was also attended by officials of Echelon I and Echelon II at the Ministry of Finance, Higher Education Alumni Association official Ministry of Finance (MoF Ikanas), and all officers and staff of the State College of Accountancy.

For the first time, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati Kepel tree planting (Stelochocarpus burahol) symbolically in the Campus STAN, followed by officials of Echelon I and II in the Ministry of Finance. (JQ / Wardin)


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